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Social Investor Breakfast Club

The challenges and lessons learned when creating bridges between finance and social impact

Jenny Conrad 1 May 2013

The 49th Social Investor Breakfast Club, held in London on 25 April, featured presentations from two very different organizations which are working to make a social impact. Bertand Beghin and Dominic Llewellyn spoke about Numbers4Good, …

Measurement? There are many ways to define impact

Jenny Conrad 26 March 2013

As with many such events, at the most recent Social Investor Breakfast Club, held in London on 21 March, the discussion on ‘Impact Investing in Africa’ led to an acknowledgement that the term impact can …

I know, I apply, I share – but sharing is most important for the responsible investor

2 Jenny Conrad 13 September 2012

‘Nobody does philanthropy to feel worse’ was one of the comments made at the 43rd Social Investor Breakfast Club. Tuesday’s meeting in London featured discussion around two groups interested in social impact: individual investors and …