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Stanford University

Serious, intense, optimistic: Bill and Melinda Gates at Stanford

1 Charles Keidan 27 June 2014

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates gave the first ever joint commencement speech in Stanford University’s history in June. Despite the historic and demanding nature of the occasion – commencements are increasingly high profile events to …

Stanford to purge $18 billion endowment of coal stock

Alliance magazine 7 May 2014

Stanford University announced Tuesday 6 May that it would divest its $18.7 billion endowment of stock in coal-mining companies, becoming the first major university to lend support to a nationwide campaign to purge endowments and pension …

What makes a great gift… 100 years later?

1 Kristin Majeska and Philanthropic Intelligence 3 May 2012

The other day a small bronze plaque in the brick of our town’s modest (but wonderful) public library stopped me dead. The plaque read ‘This building is a gift of Andrew Carnegie to the City …