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Strategic grantmaking

First steps in venture philanthropy at the EVPA conference

Khuloud Al Nuwais 6 December 2012

As part of its transition from traditional philanthropy to higher–impact venture philanthropy and to benefit from the idea of sharing ideas and best practice, Emirates Foundation recently became a member of the European Venture Philanthropy …

Theory of change – the first step to making a difference

1 Angela Kail 19 April 2012

As a charity or funder what’s the first step you take when planning a new area of work, or thinking about how to measure your impact? A charity might say it is finding the staff, …

Shaping the philanthropy of the future

Strategic Philanthropy 28 July 2010

Last month, I had the opportunity to hear David La Piana, founder of La Piana Consulting (a US-based firm dedicated to strengthening non-profits and foundations), speak to our regional association of grantmakers about the five …

Shock and awe philanthropy

Sean Stannard-Stockton 10 May 2010

Last year, Mark Kramer of FSG Social Impact Advisors defined the term ‘catalytic philanthropy’ in a Stanford Social Innovation Review article. Mark wrote: ‘For most donors, philanthropy is about deciding which nonprofits to support and …

Another smart strategy for would-be regranters: watch the big foundations

Alliance magazine 19 November 2009

There has been a lot of talk recently of giving money to existing foundations for ‘regranting’ as a strategy for individual donors. US philanthropy adviser Betsy Brill, writing in on 4 November, called it …

Mama Cash new strategy involves making fewer and larger grants

Alliance magazine 20 August 2009

Netherlands-based women’s fund Mama Cash has just launched a new strategic plan for 2009-13 in what they describe as ‘an official switch to a new era in grantmaking’. Whereas in 2008 Mama Cash invested €2.515.049 …