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theory of change

Moving towards strategic family philanthropy

1 Ellen Remmer and The Philanthropic Initiative 8 February 2013

This is the second post in a series by Ellen Remmer on strategic family philanthropy. Read her first post, Strategic family philanthropy – an oxymoron? I’m a big believer in strategic philanthropy; again, stemming from …

More than jargon: using the tools we all like to talk about

Hilda Vega 15 May 2012

We were excited to read Angela Kail’s recent post on New Philanthropy Capital’s theory of change (TOC) report, in particular because we were preparing to co-facilitate a session on using theory of change at the …

A big win for affirmative action (and philanthropy) in Brazil

Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 8 May 2012

On Thursday 26 April, Brazil’s Supreme Court voted 11-0 in favor of affirmative action. As reported by Latin American News Dispatch: ‘The decision reaffirmed a policy adopted by a number of Brazilian universities to institute …

Theory of change – the first step to making a difference

1 Angela Kail 19 April 2012

As a charity or funder what’s the first step you take when planning a new area of work, or thinking about how to measure your impact? A charity might say it is finding the staff, …

Why bother with a theory of change?

NPC 9 June 2011

As a recent guest on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs, Martin Sheen described why he is a social activist. He said that he never expects to change anyone’s mind through his activism. He does what …