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Turkey-Syria earthquake

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Why how we talk about disasters matters

Austin Snowbarger 3 March 2023

Disaster risk equals hazard multiplied by vulnerability and exposure. In other words, disaster risk results from the interaction between a natural hazard, such as an earthquake, and the physical, economic, environmental or social characteristics that …

Center for Disaster Philanthropy Webinar: Supporting long-term recovery in Turkey and Syria

Kit Muirhead 25 February 2023

The recent tragedies of the Turkey/Syrian Earthquake serve to remind funders that when responding to crises, it is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. The Centre of Disaster Philanthropy’s webinar; A Layered Disaster: Supporting …

Asia responds to deadly earthquake

Alliance magazine 17 February 2023

Governments and charities across Asia have been mobilising to respond to the devastation caused by the earthquake that struck Tukey and Syria last week. Across the region, governments have started sending search-and-rescue teams, as well …

€10m for Turkey, Syria earthquake emergency response from IKEA

Alliance magazine 10 February 2023

The IKEA Foundation has committed €10 million to provide emergency assistance in Turkey and northern Syria, following a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on Monday, 6 February. The death toll from the …