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Young philanthropists

Engaging young people in philanthropy benefits both sides

Fiona Halton 16 July 2013

This May, I witnessed a team of six banker graduates stand shoulder-to-shoulder on a city stage with ‘Beef’, a community worker from Prospex, a small charity working with young people in the deprived Caledonian Road …

Exciting trends in foundation land – the 2012 Feri Foundation Award

Michael Alberg-Seberich 16 May 2012

How to prevent obesity among teenagers? The Schtifti Foundation (Schtifti is the Swiss German word for a learner or apprentice) in Zurich, winner of the 2012 Feri Foundation Award, has developed unique answers to this …

The next generation of philanthropists: young people investing in social change

3 Kristin Majeska and Philanthropic Intelligence 27 March 2012

The next generation’s ambitions and sense of what’s possible in the world of social change have grown dramatically over the last twenty years. This evolution was patent in the halls of Spain’s IESE business school …

From social media to social good: the Facebook IPO and philanthropy

3 Peter Laugharn 24 February 2012

I have been following the story of the Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO) with interest. The IPO will make several senior staff billionaires, and will turn at least a thousand others into millionaires. How many …

The social engagement of young wealth-holders and entrepreneurs

1 Instituto Geracao and Elaine Smith 24 August 2011

It should not be a surprise that the next generation from parents that are business owners or high-ranked corporate executives do not need to wait until going to business school in their mid-20s to learn …