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Youth philanthropy

Giving Beneficiaries a Voice: Youth Giving and Grantmaking

1 Michael Alberg-Seberich 25 February 2016

Youth Philanthropy is the key to raising future philanthropists and inspiring them to become active citizens. Young people have time, knowhow, and creativity to give, as well as financial funds, particularly when they become grantmakers. …

Little Givers – when do we start to learn about giving?

Michael Alberg-Seberich 24 July 2012

Thank you for the responses on my last blog post on youth as grantmakers! During a recent stay in New York I got to know a programme that teaches young children about giving. I am …

How will the ‘First Globals’ change philanthropy?

Kristin Majeska and Philanthropic Intelligence 23 July 2012

‘Of course, she went down to Guatemala with my wife, to help out with that non-profit, Safe Passages.’ A friend was describing his daughter’s experience with philanthropy and community work. I was struck by his …