CGSI launches new projects in Latin America

The collaboration between ex-US President Bill Clinton and fellow philanthropist Frank Giustra, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI), has announced new projects in three Latin American countries. In addition to resources from the initiative’s two founders, the projects also involve the financial support of Carlos Slim and the Inter-American Development Bank. In Peru, CGSGI and Fundacion Carlos Slim will each provide $5 million to enable 50,000 additional cataract operations over three years. In Colombia, CGSGI and Fundacion Carlos Slim are each providing $10 million to create a new project to make investments in existing microenterprises and SMEs in areas of Colombia that are currently underserved by existing investment funds. The Inter-American Development Bank will provide critical knowledge of the financial landscape in Colombia and will consider contributing up to $5 million in additional capital to the fund. Finally, in Mexico, CGSGI and Fundacion Carlos Slim are each providing $10 million for a $20 million education project.


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