GIFE puts forward 2020 Vision for Brazil

GIFE_2020GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises) is developing a ten-year plan for the growth of the philanthropy sector in Brazil. The motive behind ‘2020 Vision for Social Investment’ is the need to support civil society in Brazil, which has at least tripled in size since 1996 to over 300,000 organizations. Meanwhile, international donors are either leaving Brazil or reducing their commitments, in some cases becoming fundraisers rather than donors. The W K Kellogg Foundation has closed its offices in São Paulo and the Dutch agency Novib is likely to do the same. However, new potential sources of funding can be identified in the business community as well as among the wealthy people of Brazil. The Visions for 2020 strategy will be presented at the 6th annual GIFE Congress in Rio de Janeiro in April 2010.

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