Guide to Social Return on Investment

A new guide for Social Return on Investment (SROI) was launched in May at the UK government’s Social Enterprise Summit. The guide is intended to help third sector organizations articulate the social and environmental value they create and as an aid to investors and public sector commissioners. ‘While many third sector organizations have a powerful story to tell, the social and environmental value of the impact being made is often underplayed,’ said Liam Byrne, Minister for the Cabinet Office, and Kevin Brennan, Minister for the Third Sector, in the foreword to the guide, adding that, in difficult economic times, it is ‘more important than ever that we allow for better recognition of those who create social and environmental value’. The guide has been published as part of the Measuring Social Value project, which is to run until 2011 and is being managed by a consortium led by SROI UK, with New Philanthropy Capital, New Economics Foundation, Charities Evaluation Service and National Council of Voluntary Organizations as members.

Guide to Social Return on Investment

Consortium led by SROI UK

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