NPC publishes pre-election manifesto on third sector effectiveness

With elections looming in the UK, and the non-profit sector dependent on the government for a third of its income, there is lively apprehension in the sector as to what the election results will mean for that income. In anticipation, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has produced a number of recommendations for the government (of whichever political complexion it happens to be) on improving the effectiveness of the third sector.

NPC’s Manifesto for Social Impact calls on government to introduce an impact fund to enable charities to measure their impact; to introduce standardized frameworks for impact measurement among spending departments; and to publish the material it collects on the operation of charitable activities in the same way that other public service performance data are published. The Manifesto also suggests that the government should support the dissemination of information to help donors give more effectively, promote high-quality philanthropy advice, and build sustainable partnerships with philanthropists.

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