NutriRSE to become ‘sphere of collaboration’

The new vision for NutriRSE (companies for a healthy and active Chile), a CSR initiative to combat obesity and sedentary behaviour in Chile, is to become a ‘sphere of collaboration among companies, the public sector and academia to maximize investment.’ The programme has provided more than $15 million in the last two years, and there are plans to increase this sum considerably in the upcoming period to invest in education and health promotion programmes in municipalities and education centres. The initiative is promoted by AccionRSE (CSR Action) and consists of 15 private companies and various social organizations, universities and public entities.

Created in 2006, NutriRSE is currently benefiting more than 250,000 people. The programme has been able to reduce child obesity and sedentary behaviour by increasing physical activity time from two to four hours per week on average in involved communities. In addition, better cholesterol and weight indicators are seen among workers.

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