Philanthropy online in Latin America: advances despite the crisis

Help Argentina and Conexión Colombia (Colombia Connection), online platforms to support social sector organizations and causes in their respective countries, are expanding their fundraising activities despite the recession, especially from people of the so-called diaspora who want to contribute to the social sector in their countries of origin.

This year, Help Argentina is seeking to raise USD1.5 million (double the funds it received in 2009), enabling it to increase the projects it supports, while Conexión Colombia, which has attracted more than USD10 million in donations in cash and in kind since its conception, has added seven more foundations to its portfolio this year. The new foundations in Colombia were selected for their professional history, the work they perform throughout the region and the efforts made with the most vulnerable populations of the country. Conexión Colombia’s strategic alliances enable it to intensify the impact created thanks to matching funds by international organizations and private companies.

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