Studies on both sides of Atlantic urge more support for advocacy grantmaking

UK charity think-tank, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), published a report last month encouraging donors to fund social campaigning by charities. Critical Masses argues that well-planned campaigns that measure their results can have fundamental and long-lasting impact, citing as examples the abolition of slavery, the establishment of women’s suffrage, and debt cancellation for the poorest countries. There are two priority areas for support, suggests the report: rigorous monitoring and evaluation of campaigning programmes, and capacity-building, to help charities build the skills, networks and tools necessary to run successful campaigns. Meanwhile, a study of advocacy grantmaking in New Mexico, produced by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), finds that the state’s residents benefited to the tune of $2.6 billion dollars from the $16.6 million invested by foundations and other donors in the 14 advocacy organizations involved in the study. The report, Strengthening Democracy, Increasing Opportunities, highlights a range of successful efforts by the 14 organizations on issues such as economic security, environmental justice, civil and human rights, health and education.


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