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India Development Review

India Development Review 6 November 2017

The changing face of philanthropy

It’s not just the nature and extent of development problems that have changed over the years. Philanthropy has been changing and evolving, too. And in several ways: the points of entry have grown more diverse, …

India Development Review 8 September 2017

Why crowdfunding is important for philanthropy to support

Sometime in 2013, Bill Gates said, ‘Philanthropy should be taking much bigger risks than business [and] if these are easy problems, business and government can come in and solve them.’ Think risk While most philanthropists …

India Development Review 9 August 2017

Services and rights: The twain do meet

Unlike Western philanthropy, which has a fairly long history and deep relationships with the social sector (including in India), organised Indian philanthropy is quite new—with the exception of the Tatas and Birlas. This is not …

India Development Review 10 July 2017

Size shouldn’t matter

Scale should not be the only measure of success or impact. Nonprofits and donors must realise that scaling for the sake of scaling is pointless, especially if doing so is at odds with the organisation’s …

India Development Review 27 April 2017

Fundraising from new age philanthropists

A new breed of philanthropists is emerging – do you have what it takes to engage with them successfully? Here’s a four-step guide to help you fundraise effectively from these up-and-coming donors. Noun: A new …