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Jen Bokoff

Jen Bokoff 15 May 2018

Acknowledging power isn’t enough — dig deeper!

Earlier this month, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released Power Moves: Your Essential Philanthropy Assessment Guide for Equity and Justice, a comprehensive resource for foundations that explores the role of power and privilege in advancing equity …

Zohra Zori, Renée Westmoreland and Jen Bokoff 9 March 2018

Women as integral to the fabric of our work, inside and out

As the largest infrastructure organization for sharing social sector knowledge and more than nine million data points about who’s funding what and where, the Foundation Center takes great pride in housing an equally sizable team …

3 Jen Bokoff 4 May 2017

Making it happen – progressive philanthropy and reorganization of power

‘Find a partner. Now, starting with the person who’s taller, you have two minutes to tell a love story.’ And that’s how my first EDGE Funders Alliance conference – ‘Reorganizing power for systems change – got started. The …

Jen Bokoff 29 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Youth Engagement: a Rough #AGA_2016 Mind Map

Youth was a theme throughout this conference. Here’s a down and dirty mind map of how we ought to more authentically engage young people in our work. Jen Bokoff is director of knowledge services at …

Jen Bokoff 27 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Why mind-blowing data viz does more than simply delight

The close of today’s plenary session featured PIPS:lab, a local troupe creating blended theater+tech+music+comedy+data experiences.  We the audience had lights, which movements were being tracked by a camera and converted into data. While this isn’t …

Jen Bokoff 26 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: It’s not just about the wine

OK, wine comes first, followed by tracking down the best hors d’oeuvres. But then, we reconnect with old friends, get introduced to new ones, and casually squint at name badges to remember those we see only on …