Philanthropy infrastructure under the microscope

Charles Keidan

Why won’t foundations pay more, or in some cases, pay anything, for the infrastructure which exists to help and serve them? And what can be done to change that?

The WINGS Conference was hosted at La Caixa forum building.

That was the core challenge debated at last week’s WINGS meeting in Barcelona. Hosted at the magnificent La Caixa Forum building, the event brought together around 60 practitioners from across the philanthropy eco-system. The meeting was billed as a gathering for funders, and some notable foundations came. Representatives from Russia’s Vladimir Potanin Foundation, France’s Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, and Michigan’s Mott Foundation rubbed shoulders with colleagues from OSF and Ford Foundation as well as an assortment of other foundations, infrastructure bodies, philanthropy advisors, European officials and Olga Alexeeva memorial prize finalists and other interested parties. This eclectic mix added to the richness of the meeting and made it a more global and diverse discussion even though it wasn’t clear exactly why or how some of the selections were made. For example, umbrella bodies such as Foundation de France and the Spanish Foundations association were in the room while others such as the German Association of Foundations and Network of European Foundations were not.

European Foundation Centre CEO, Gerry Salole.

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