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How domestic philanthropy can transform the Balkans

9 October 2018
Nathan Koeshall

Analysis 2 25 September 2018 For Subscribers

Social enterprise is eroding civil society

Interview 11 September 2018 For Subscribers

Interview: Annie Chen, RS Group, Hong Kong

Special feature 1 4 September 2018

The untapped potential of Muslim giving

Interview 4 September 2018 For Subscribers

Interview: Ise Bosch and Justus Eisfeld

Latest issue: September 2018

Muslim philanthropy

Guest Editors: Tariq Cheema and Yunus Sola

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Small initiatives can create huge impact

14 October 2018
Jasper Snoek

What would you do without your smartphone these days? We depend on it for so many activities. But not everyone is aware of how their smartphone is produced. Our phones …

Britain has lost the EU but its foundations may yet find a role

13 October 2018
Max Rutherford

This week, at a meeting in the European Parliament between national foundation associations from across Europe, MEPs and officials from the European Committee, philanthropy was rightly described as ‘civil society’s …

Does franchising belong in social enterprise?

12 October 2018
Décio Emanuel

As social entrepreneurs, we’ve all been guilty of believing that our idea, business model, and social impact model are unique. There is none like it; and because of this, it …

Muslim philanthropy comes of age

Editorial 1 Charles Keidan 4 September 2018

Unlocking a huge untapped potential for giving There is general agreement that we don’t know as much as we’d like to know about Muslim philanthropy, a phenomenon broadly defined as …

Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads

Special feature Tariq Cheema 4 September 2018

The successful melding of new models of giving with practices embedded in Islamic tradition has the potential to reap rewards for society on a global scale Today, there are an …

Global updates

News Alliance magazine 4 September 2018

This is our round-up of philanthropy news around the world featured in the September 2018 issue of Alliance: The Americas Carson out of SVCF New picture of Colombian foundation sector NoVo puts …