Donors need to do better finding and funding grassroots health NGOs for LGBTQ+ people in Uganda

Longino Mo

LGBTIQ+ people in Rwenzori sub region, Uganda are pleading for a non-discriminative environment at health facilities to ensure equitable and quality access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV services. 

LGBTIQ+ people in rural areas of Rwenzori sub region, says access to these services has drastically become more erratic and inadequate since the introduction of the Anti-homosexuality act 2023 which came into force last year.  

The Act harms the lives of not only LGBTIQ+ persons, but also all other Ugandan citizens outside of the LGBTIQ+ community. By creating new crimes like “promotion of homosexuality” and “premises” liability, the Act requires citizens to report suspected violations, under threat of criminal punishment if they fail to do so. 

The act criminalizes the work of local NGOs that offer support to the LGBTIQ+ community accusing them of “promoting homosexuality”. This has restricted the operation of NGOs especially those in the rural setting. 

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