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Special feature Sufina Ahmad and Tendisai Chigwedere 5 March 2024

Leadership: Beyond theories of change to practices of change

Theories of leadership are often framed by the business world in terms of individuals. We need to revise them. In fact, do we need a theory at all? 2024 is a crucial year for democracy, …

Special feature Sufina Ahmad and Tendisai Chigwedere 5 March 2024 For Subscribers

The power disruptor

Leaders and leadership styles not only set the tone for individual organisations and for the sector, they can revolutionise the very idea of what leadership should be. Saranel Benjamin and Happy Mwende Kinyili, the co-executive …

Conference reports Tendisai Chigwedere, Ndana Bofu-Tawamba and Ebrima Sall 31 January 2023

Re-Imagining Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies Indaba 2023 kicks off in Naivasha, Kenya

The world is on fire. There is no more denying what we are seeing and what we are experiencing. Whether we are reeling from the impact of the climate crisis in Brazil, or the compounded …

Letter Tendisai Chigwedere 1 September 2020

It’s time to be bold beyond the rhetoric

If philanthropy is serious about supporting social movements, it needs to be ready to take risks and have skin in the game. Risks, because the call and response nature of movements requires an emergent and …