Alliance Breakfast Club – How much influence does philanthropy have?

Alliance magazine

This month’s Alliance breakfast club, kindly hosted by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), brought together foundation professionals, academics and NGOs to discuss the nature of philanthropic influence and what limits, if any, should be imposed. Alliance editor, Charles Keidan, was joined on the panel by Dr Linsey McGoey (University of Essex), Sally Berkovic (Rothschild Foundation Europe) and Adam Pickering (CAF).

Read a summary of the discussion on the Alliance blog.

Watch the full session here:

Watch post-event interviews with Linsey McGoey and Adam Pickering here:

Does philanthropy have too much influence? Click here to read our September 2016 issue guest edited by Ingrid Srinath and Bhekinkosi Moyo

Lead photo: ‘I’ll deliver all; and promise you calm seas, auspicious gales.’ A scene from The Tempest, Prospero and Ariel

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