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Barbara Kibbe

Opinion Barbara Kibbe 1 September 2006

It’ll take more than money

I’ve been working in and for NGOs for more than 30 years. This work has taken me to five continents and the Western Pacific. I’ve had the great privilege to meet and work with extraordinary …

Special feature Barbara Kibbe 1 December 2005

A funder’s perspective

It was 1998 and, with the approaching millennium, hard to resist speculating about the future. The dot com bubble was far from bursting and there had as yet been no acts of terrorism on American …

Book review Barbara Kibbe 1 December 2004

Just Money: A critique of contemporary American philanthropy – H Peter Karoff (ed)

Labelled a critique but really much more of a prose poem to philanthropic potential, Just Money is a rapid orientation to what it’s like to lead a philanthropic institution and what one can take away …

Editorial Barbara Kibbe 1 March 2004 For Subscribers

Attending to our foundations

Judged by the sheer number of new organizations formed over the last decade, global civil society looks exceedingly healthy. Latin America now boasts over 1 million NGOs – about the same as the United States. …

Analysis 1 Barbara Kibbe 1 December 2003

Capacity building: what it takes from funders

The nonprofit’s path to effectiveness can to a great degree be defined as appropriate attention to leadership, governance and planning. What then is the funder’s role in building these core capacities or other important specific …