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Bradley Gallop

Book review Bradley Gallop 1 June 2000

Taxation of Non-Profit Organizations – Kluwer Law International

Taxation of non-profit organizations is as dry and disappointing as its title and its grey cover suggest. The book contains the written country reports presented at the International Fiscal Association (IFA) Annual Congress in Israel …

Book review Bradley Gallop 1 June 1999

Philanthropy and Law in Asia: A comparative study of the nonprofit legal systems in ten Asia Pacific societies

The Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium must be congratulated for its completion of the research phase of its Comparative Nonprofit Law Project. Tom Silk must also be congratulated for his skilful editing of the results of …

Book review Bradley Gallop 1 December 1998

The International Guide to Nonprofit Law by Lester Salamon

Writing an international guide to non-profit law is not an easy task. Not for anyone. Each country’s legal and fiscal framework in this area reflects a myriad of values and traditions, inevitably leading to laws …

Special feature Bradley Gallop 1 June 1998

One step forward and two steps back: Progress towards harmonization of EU non-profit law

The long-awaited EC Communication suggests that the creation of a European Association – a form of non-profit entity recognized throughout the EU – should largely remove barriers to cross-border charitable activity. But without harmonization of …