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Special feature Celia Moore 1 June 2006

IBM’s model for corporate philanthropy

As an innovation company, IBM’s success over its 100-year history has been dependent on constant change. Development of the IT industry may appear evolutionary, as a series of developments based on new scientific discoveries were …

Conference Report Celia Moore 1 March 2002 For Subscribers

Corporate social responsibility on EU agenda

The EU conference on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Brussels on 27-28 November was a first-of-its kind dialogue. It drew almost a thousand delegates from trades unions, NGOs, the socially responsible investment (SRI) community, consultants …

Conference Report Celia Moore 1 March 2001 For Subscribers

CSR now firmly on the European business agenda

Attending the first European convention on corporate social responsibility (CSR) made me aware how quickly CSR has moved on to the agenda in Europe and how fast it is being assimilated into European business practice. …

Special feature Celia Moore 1 June 2000 For Subscribers

Reinventing IBM’s corporate giving

At three sites in Italy teachers are working with teachers in Pennsylvania, USA on a new teaching and learning model to integrate information technology into classroom practice. In Ireland, teachers are collaborating with colleagues in …