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Christa Kulijan

Special feature Christa Kulijan 1 June 2009

Tending a garden over the long term

Who would have thought that in April 2009 South Africans would vote in a national election where the winning presidential candidate, Jacob Zuma, would enter his office under a cloud of corruption? Who would have …

Analysis Christa Kulijan 1 December 2005 For Subscribers

Why did Interfund close?

With the news that Interfund had closed, there was a sense of loss, sadness and even anger that such an important resource could be lost. An increasing number of NGOs have closed their doors in …

Special feature Christa Kulijan 1 June 2005

Corporate social investment in South Africa – Social justice not high on the agenda

More than ten years after South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, apartheid’s social and economic legacy remains. The majority of its nearly 45 million people continue to live in conditions resembling those of a …