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Helmut Anheier

Analysis Helmut Anheier 1 March 2011

Nagging issues for Europe’s foundations

Europe could be the 21st-century heaven of philanthropy. Rich, diverse, open, at peace with itself, and with an unfinished project of uncertain future that stands unique in the world: the European Union. Certainly, not all …

Book review Helmut Anheier 1 March 2004

American Creed: Philanthropy and the rise of civil society, 1700–1865 – Kathleen D McCarthy

Why should busy foundation or NGO representatives take time to read a book on the history of philanthropy in the US during the seemingly obscure 19th century Jacksonian (Antebellum) period? Historians like us to believe …

Book review Helmut Anheier 1 September 1999

Civil Society at the Millennium edited by Kumi Naidoo

This is primarily a political document rather than an academic book. Unless readers keep this in mind, they will soon feel impatient with the various essays, and frustrated with the many claims that benefit all …