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James Brooke Turner

Letter James Brooke Turner 1 June 2014

Trustees will need support

Ellen Dorsey and Richard Mott’s article on the divest-invest initiative of 17 foundations carefully addresses three arguments: first, that not divesting from fossil fuels stands the fiduciary notion on its head by putting profit before …

Letter James Brooke Turner 1 June 2013

It’s the wrong answer

Buzz Schmidt and Clara Miller’s article about the F B Heron Foundation’s approach to mission investing requires support, both for what it says and also to push it further. They explain their frustration with the …

Opinion James Brooke Turner 1 December 2008

Trustee’s column: Why is MCI so hard for some foundations?

Sevdalina Rukanova’s article in the September issue of Alliance describes some of the problems foundations encounter in approaching mission connected investing – MCI. The idea of an investment that ‘targets a market rate of return …