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Lisa Jordan

Analysis Lisa Jordan 12 September 2017

Keeping faith with the promise of a private foundation

The Hague, Netherlands There are hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations across the planet, but private foundations are still a relatively rare breed. While their forms vary according to context, what typically sets a private …

Opinion Lisa Jordan 1 March 2012

‘What is your failure rate?’

Recently, I was talking to a venture capitalist who is setting up a new foundation. ‘In the first half of the life of a venture capitalist,’ he said, ‘I expect 70 per cent of my …

Letter Lisa Jordan 1 December 2011

Gates’ governance arrangements are not the point

Philanthropy as a field is challenged by accountability. The Gates Foundation being the largest will both bear the brunt of that challenge and shape the solution that most foundations will ultimately adopt. While many eyes …

Letter Lisa Jordan 1 June 2011

Creating a shared norm for transparency

In the March issue of Alliance, among other things, Helmut Anheier suggests that European foundations should take accountability and transparency more seriously. These are challenging concepts right across Europe in every sector. Transparency and its …

Special feature Lisa Jordan 1 March 2003

Can civil society take its place at the global table?

Today global decision-making is more far-reaching than ever before. Because so many crucial areas of life are affected, all sectors naturally want to be part of this decision-making – including civil society. This issue of …