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News Marilyn Wyatt 1 June 2010

Going ‘glocal’ with governance

Launched in spring 2010, East Europe Foundation Moldova is the most recent addition to the Eurasia Foundation network. Since 2004, Eurasia Foundation has transformed five of its field offices in the former Soviet Union into …

Analysis Marilyn Wyatt 1 June 2010 For Subscribers

Going ‘glocal’ with governance

When Eurasia Foundation transformed its office in Kyiv, Ukraine, into the independent East Europe Foundation (EEF) in 2007, one of its first priorities was ambitious, given the local environment for governance: to establish a locally …

Analysis Marilyn Wyatt 1 September 2004

Funding panacea or vital injection?

Three years ago, in the pages of Alliance, the founding of the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe was hailed as an instance of ‘unprecedented … cooperation between private foundations’. Formed by …

Special feature Marilyn Wyatt 1 December 2003

New approaches to governance in CEE

Civil society in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has achieved remarkable success over the past decade. Yet notably absent among its achievements is an appreciation of the importance of boards and the governance function. Boards …