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Michael Edwards

Special feature Michael Edwards 1 September 2008

Philanthropy – whose canvas?

Matthew Bishop defines ‘philanthrocapitalism’ as ‘some of the world’s most talented and successful people … turning their minds to problems like education, disease, climate change and terrorism’. In some ways that’s the problem. As David …

Analysis Michael Edwards 1 April 2008

Just Another Emperor? The myths and realities of philanthrocapitalism

Over the last 12 months, the inbox of my computer – like yours, I suspect – has been deluged with news from conferences, speeches, newspaper articles and reports that promise to ‘save the world’ by …

Book review Michael Edwards 1 September 2007

Reclaiming Democracy: Civil society and electoral change in Central and Eastern Europe – Joerg Forbrig and Pavol Demes (eds)

The role of civil society in promoting democracy, and the efficacy of externally funded democracy promotion efforts in general, have become something of a political and intellectual battleground in recent years. The experience of Eastern …

Analysis Michael Edwards 1 December 2001

A new model for global civil society?

Despite the emergence of increasingly powerful transnational NGO networks and global social movements such as the landmines campaign and Jubilee 2000,[1] there is a more somber and critical mood within global civil society following the …

Book review Michael Edwards 1 March 2001

Localization: A global manifesto by Colin Hines

The anti-globalization protest movement has been one of the most visible manifestations of international citizen action over the last ten years, but the groups driving this agenda have been criticized for lacking a coherent and …

Special feature Michael Edwards 1 March 1999

The emerging sector – a flawed landmark

For people like me, who have written about NGOs for years using sketchy statistics, personal impressions and guestimates at best, the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project is a landmark. The detailed information it provides …