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Special feature Kai Hopkins and Natalia Kiryttopoulou 1 June 2015

Feedback loops: going for the ‘early majority’?

There is a simple and clear notion that if you listen to your constituents, you will be able to identify which of their needs require attention and become better at attending to them. We say …

Conference Report Natalia Kiryttopoulou 1 June 2009 For Subscribers

2009 Perspectives on Impact Evaluation Conference

This year’s Perspective on Impact Evaluation Conference had the title ‘Approaches to Assessing Development Effectiveness’ and gathered 700 policymakers, practitioners, sponsors and other stakeholders in evaluation and in development. Almost everyone who is someone in …

Conference Report Natalia Kiryttopoulou 1 September 2008 For Subscribers

2008 CIVICUS World Assembly

Event 2008 CIVICUS World Assembly: Acting Together for a Just World – People, Participation and Power Date 18-21 June Venue Glasgow, Scotland Organizer CIVICUS Almost 1,200 delegates from more than 100 countries attended the 8th …

News Natalia Kiryttopoulou 2 June 2008

Realizing the potential of online philanthropy markets

The internet is revolutionizing philanthropy. Or at least that was what we thought a year ago at Keystone when we set out to study online philanthropy marketplaces. Our findings show a more nuanced picture, however. …

News Natalia Kiryttopoulou 2 June 2008 For Subscribers

El potencial de los mercados online de filantropía

Internet está revolucionando la filantropía. O por lo menos es lo que pensábamos hace un año en Keystone cuando nos dispusimos a estudiar los mercados online de filantropía. Sin embargo, nuestros resultados muestran un panorama …