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Pier Mario Vello

Special feature 1 Pier Mario Vello 1 September 2014

Learning from the for-profit sector

Can the philanthropic sector learn from other areas, in particular the for-profit sector? Should talent management practice within philanthropy be exactly like it is in the business sector, or are we different enough to warrant …

Letter Pier Mario Vello 1 December 2013

The real issue: foundations’ lack of power

Stephen Pittam’s article ‘The Power of Money’ (Alliance, 1 September) is intriguing and multifaceted. The few remarks I make here are more of a reinforcement of his arguments than an addition to them. In my view, inequality …

Special feature Pier Mario Vello 1 June 2013

Philanthropy changing but not fast enough

The financial crisis in 2008, the sovereign debt crisis and the political crisis in the following years have proved wrong the idea that an economic system based on unbridled consumerism can make even the poorest …

Letter Pier Mario Vello 1 March 2013

Funding for innovation

I read Caroline Hartnell’s editorial in the December issue of Alliance with the utmost interest, as well as Geoffrey West, Buzz Holling and Neal Hegarty’s contributions on the theme of funding for innovation. ‘Does the …

Conference Report Pier Mario Vello 1 March 2010 For Subscribers

3rd Forum on Philanthropy and Scientific Research Funding

Hosted by the Wellcome Trust and attended by about a hundred people from research institutes, universities and foundations, the third annual Forum on Philanthropy and Scientific Research Funding took place in London on 2-3 December. …