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Rayna Gavrilova

Letter Rayna Gavrilova 1 September 2009

Patient gardeners needed

Pavol Demes’s comments on the ‘new local donor organizations that have evolved in Central and Eastern Europe’ (‘Then and now’, Alliance, June 2009) seem to be a clear answer to the question that constituted the …

Special feature Rayna Gavrilova 1 June 2009

Moving beyond apathy

The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Trust) has decided to mark the anniversary of the democratic sweep in 1989 with a Civil Society Forum, which will aim to explore the …

News Rayna Gavrilova 1 September 2008 For Subscribers

La Fundación CEE comienza debate de un año de duración sobre la democratización

Las conmemoraciones generalmente tienen que ver con invertir esfuerzos en el futuro y con rendir homenaje a hechos importantes del pasado. Esto es así con respecto al debate de un año sobre el estado actual, …

News Rayna Gavrilova 1 September 2008

CEE Trust begins year-long debate on democratization

Commemorations are generally as much about investing efforts in the future as about paying respect to significant events in the past, and this is true of the year-long discussion about the current state, achievements, and …