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Rory Tolentino

Special feature Rory Tolentino 2 June 2008

Individual giving – hope for our world yet

What struck me most, reading the articles for this issue of Alliance, was how rich and how interesting the stories of the individual philanthropists featured are … the innovativeness of their philanthropy, shaped by their …

Special feature Peggy Dulany, Adele Simmons and Rory Tolentino 2 June 2008

Effective strategies for making a difference

Although people of all means have always given to charity, the moniker ‘philanthropist’ has typically been conferred upon wealthy industrialists, whether their fortunes were made in oil and steel (Rockefeller and Carnegie) or software and …

Special feature Rory Tolentino 1 December 2004

The view from the top: Asia’s individual philanthropists speak

When APPC decided to embark on its exploratory study of high net worth individuals (HNIs) in six countries in the region, its aim was to find out more about their giving. Specifically, we wanted to …