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Business of Impact 2023

Reflections in the Grand Canal

Sophie Faujour 28 May 2023

Bringing corporate social investors, corporate leaders and other corporate impact stakeholders together can help a company accelerate their transformation into a purposeful organisation. This was the idea behind Business of Impact in Venice: an opportunity …

Leading and logic

Katinka Greve Leiner 26 May 2023

I have over the last years been more and more let down over the lack of leadership from the world’s politicians. They seem unable to steer us out of harms way, heading full speed into …

What’s holding us back?

Cynthia Hansen 20 May 2023

Venture philanthropy is a different beast from traditional giving. We sit at the crossroads of business and the social sector, and therefore can play just outside the rules. We are the chameleons who can speak …