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Katinka Greve Leiner


I have over the last years been more and more let down over the lack of leadership from the world’s politicians. They seem unable to steer us out of harms way, heading full speed into degrading of the earths soil, the deaths of hundreds of species and failing to reach the target on two degrees warming increase.

Now I start to see some glimmer of hope. Not from policy makers, but from leaders. Leaders of companies and leaders of organisations. People that have stopped believing in solutions from others, and now diving into creating new logics, truths, and more sustainable actions themselves.

In Venezia at the EVPA gathering of leaders there were positive solutions being developed to create better health care in vulnerable areas, from Pharma companies. (Wise move – who thinks it wise to let their customers die?). And a range of activities and actions from engaged Agro companies to help save the soil and promote regenerative farming. Banks are working with deprived areas, setting ambitions to fight poverty by building financial competence and resilience among youngsters. I was impressed with the leaders of these initiatives, their competence and resolve to change big systems. ‘Bit by bit’ as one of them put it, ‘Never give up’. These companies are slowly building a new way of doing business and build the area they are involved in at the same time. Sustainable – and maybe towards the regeneration we need.

However, when you hear how the agro systems and large producers of food now are sucking minerals out of the soil and not having to pay for not putting it back, my heart still yells for the politicians and how vulnerable we all are from exploitation. We need businesses to pay for the resources they spend if they don’t give back. It is pure logic.

Will the latest strengthening of this kind of thinking, people gathering to share solutions and evolving smarter companies be enough? Can the larger companies and the investors around the globe see the possibilities and fun there is in competing for regenerative solutions? To put a price on our resources and get it into our competitive businesses? We need to hope. To support the real leaders and be one of them. And hope many more will, that this movement keeps growing MUCH stronger. For our kids.

Katinka Leiner, Director, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

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