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Charity law

Five considerations regarding the Charity Law

China Development Brief 6 June 2016

The Charity Law is an unquestionable milestone in the history of Chinese charity and law. Here are five aspects that should be carefully considered. The Charity Law is a basic comprehensive law for all charitable …

Charity law in China

1 Karla Simon 9 July 2014

A recent busy visit to Beijing disclosed that much is happening on the ‘charity’ law front, with many other ancillary developments regarding the three regulations (san tiaoli). Beginning first with those, I will analyze where …

China – Charity Law submitted to State Council

3 Karla Simon 12 June 2012

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has submitted a draft of the Charity Law to China’s State Council (cabinet), a sign that the country may be progressing towards rules covering philanthropic organizations. If passed, the new …

UK charity body urges approval for total-return and mixed-motive investments

Alliance magazine 28 May 2012

The UK’s Charity Law Association (CLA) has recommended that trustees should be free to invest on a total-return basis without seeking prior Charity Commission approval. As part of its submission to the government’s Charities Act …

Social-profit enterprises: stop debating and get them going

5 Paul Penley 10 January 2012

The wall between non-profit and for-profit organizations is crumbling in the US legal structure with the recent creations of B-Corps, L3Cs, and now FlexC’s. In actual practice, the social sector moved beyond the value of …

A look back at developments affecting civil society in China in 2011 (and a sneak peek at 2012/2013)

Karla Simon 9 January 2012

As I said recently during a workshop in Beijing, 2011 was really a remarkable year with respect to developments affecting civil society.  The year began with the propaganda department of the government saying in January …