China – Charity Law submitted to State Council


Karla Simon

Karla Simon

Karla Simon

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has submitted a draft of the Charity Law to China’s State Council (cabinet), a sign that the country may be progressing towards rules covering philanthropic organizations. If passed, the new law would finally address tax deductions for donations, a system for supervising charity work and how donations can be used. This is intended to bring order to an area plagued by scandal in recent years.

On 4 June, Dou Yupei, the deputy minister for civil affairs, announced that the draft law had been submitted to the State Council. In addition, he said, guidelines for how charities disclose information about their donations would take effect this year, Dou said. For more information, see Caixin English’s article.

Karla Simon (奚文雅) is professor of law and director of faculty development at the Catholic University of America and has worked in China for over 16 years

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I am very glad to hear it. Really helps covering philanthropic organizations at your place.

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