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ECFI 2017

If it isn’t about money, then what is it about?

Amy McGoldrick 25 September 2017

Outside of Westminster and London and England entirely, ECFI finds its first conference nestled in the historic Cardiff City Hall, Wales, to a select 100 attendees. ‘Twenty two countries and eighteen languages are here,’ was …

The best idea is found in these rooms

Anja Böllhoff 22 September 2017

The best idea is in these rooms! A conference that only has one goal – exchanging as much knowledge as possible – is only as good as the ideas that are shared. Its success is …

Community philanthropy: true to life?

1 Carola Carazzone 20 September 2017

Community Foundations are local – local people, local assets, local donors, local agencies, local capacities, local trust. They can easily exist in splendid isolation without interacting with other peers around the world. Last Sunday in …

Trust. Impact. Passion

Sandra King 19 September 2017

Trust. Impact. Passion. Three words ringing in my ears as I leave Cardiff following the inaugural European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) Conference and the UK Community Foundations Conference (UKCF). After 9 years away, I re-joined …

Great expectations

Maria Chertok 13 September 2017

The fact that the ECFI (European Community Foundations Initiative – a project run by the Association of German Foundations) conference was the first ever European conference of community foundations was a mind blowing fact in …