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Food and philanthropy

Demanding healthy, sustainable and just food environments

Chris Gee 18 November 2021

How could our food system transform to maximise planetary, human, and animal wellbeing? The problem. Our food system is incompatible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Europe, increasing production and excessive promotion …

Fighting factory farming with new approaches to producing and using research

Caroline Fiennes 10 November 2021

Moving to a sustainable and fair food system is a giant challenge, and the organisations driving it are small compared to the problems. So it is crucial that they are as effective as possible. That …

Philanthropy, climate change and European agriculture: an idea whose time has come

Thomas Legge, Trees Robijns and Hugo Hooijer 9 November 2021

For many years, agriculture was the poor cousin of climate philanthropy. The European Climate Foundation’s land-use programme is an indication of how this has changed. When the ECF was set up, in 2008, its focus …