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Food security

Philanthropy moves to protect land rights

Edmund J. Cain 14 October 2015

Providing enough food, the most basic of human needs, has proven to be one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Fortunately, with the advances in technology, transportation and agriculture, we are making real progress. But despite these gains, …

Philanthropists should get behind agro-ecology to feed the world

2 Kenneth Wilson 22 January 2013

Global food issues are grabbing our attention and for good reason: the industrial system of the last 60 years is fraying at the edges, causing cascading environmental and social problems. More than 12 per cent …

Hunger diminishes but inequality remains, while governments support big producers at expense of small farmers

Alliance magazine 27 November 2012

Latin America and the Caribbean is the region that has made most progress in the reduction of hunger over the last 20 years, according to a new report from the UN Organization for Food and …

How do we produce more food, while taking care of the planet?

2 Kate Schneider 21 February 2012

Last week, Oxfam released a report which states in no uncertain terms that ending poverty can happen without putting any more strain on our planet’s resources. Last month in his annual letter, Bill Gates talked about …