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Grassroots grantmaking

Fund the Front Line: Judging the outcome

Eleanor Harrison 7 November 2013

Of the four partners in the Fund the Front Line campaign, we can modestly claim to be the least well known. To the uninformed, the reason for our inclusion would appear to need no explanation. The …

Supporting women, youth and indigenous people to turn global warming around: announcing the Next Generation Climate Board

Terry Odendahl and Global Greengrants Fund 13 December 2012

Trucks shovelling sand from main streets; children wading through the sludge that used to be their living rooms – as I took in the reports from friends and news media on Hurricane Sandy, I realized …

Environmental grassroots organizations need increased funding at home and abroad

1 Larry Kressley 2 April 2012

International grassroots organizations are underfunded and yet are one of the most important and effective tools in the environmental movement. A recent report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Cultivating the Grassroots: A winning …

Creating a definition of ‘good’ grassroots grantmaking

1 Kelly Purdy 27 January 2012

On 17 January, Grassroots Grantmakers hosted a webinar entitled ‘Grassroots Grantmaking with an Environmental Lens’ featuring Cheryl King Fischer (executive director, New England Grassroots Environmental Fund) Tim Little (executive director and co-founder, Rose Foundation/Northern California Grassroots …