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Emerging Societies, Emerging Philanthropies International Forum: Different countries, different philanthropic infrastructures, similar problems

Paula Jancso Fabiani 8 July 2013

In China the number of foundations has tripled in the last few years. It seems a lot, doesn’t it? It seems that the sector is evolving even though there are only around only 3,000 foundations …

Brazil needs to promote a better legal environment for philanthropy

Paula Jancso Fabiani 9 April 2013

Brazil has experienced significant wealth growth in the last two decades, and has now reached the status of the 7th largest economy in the world, with the 11th largest number of millionaires (according to the …

Promoting feminist philanthropy – experience of the Women’s Fund in Georgia

Mariam Gagoshashvili 30 November 2012

Georgia has a culture of giving to some extent, but it would be a stretch to call it ‘philanthropy’, since it mainly takes the form of charity, humanitarian relief and service provision to those in …

New legislation is a setback for Russian NGOs

Polina Philippova 25 July 2012

Last week and in great haste the Russian Parliament adopted a new piece of legislation with a name that would have been appropriate for cold war times: ‘On regulation of activities of the NGOs, which …