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Polina Philippova

Opinion 1 Polina Philippova 28 January 2013

Looking to the new generation for the future of Russian philanthropy

It seems that it has recently become a rule in Russia that any piece of news is bad news. Indeed, just about all the political developments in the second half of the last year and …

Opinion Polina Philippova 25 July 2012

New legislation is a setback for Russian NGOs

Last week and in great haste the Russian Parliament adopted a new piece of legislation with a name that would have been appropriate for cold war times: ‘On regulation of activities of the NGOs, which …

Opinion 2 Polina Philippova 2 November 2011

Boards of trustees – a blessing or a curse?

Since the beginning of its work in Russia in 1993, CAF has been promoting internationally acknowledged practices, elements and principles in philanthropy and not-for-profit: equal access to funding, competitive distribution, transparency, etc. Many of them …