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Online giving

Crowdfunding healthcare

Lucy Bernholz 23 April 2013

First came GlobalGiving, DonorsChoose and Kiva. These platforms brought crowd giving/lending to new heights. They also represent a trajectory of increasingly narrow area of focus for the platforms – GlobalGiving funds development projects internationally, DonorsChoose …

What do fast cars and fundraising have in common?

1 Tarika Vaswani 15 February 2012

Car racing is a growing trend and has been so since the advent of the automobile. What is it about racing that attracts people? For some it’s the adrenaline rush of driving at extremely fast …

Engaging older donors by providing options

1 Andrew Watt 18 January 2012

One of the ideas we’ve discussed a lot recently is stewardship: the need to engage our donors on their terms. Donor retention levels are low because – in large part – we’re not practising good …

Crossing the digital divide or stuck at the border?

Filiz Bikmen 10 August 2011

‘Since 2002, 204,525 donors like you have given $48,623,013 to 4,256 projects. Wonderful!’ This is the message that appears at the top of the website (as of 28 July 2011).   I commend globalgiving and other …