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Andrew Watt

Opinion 2 Andrew Watt 30 July 2013

Impact vs overhead

Talk to almost any donor about what’s important when they give, and the answer will be impact, change and positive outcomes. Donors want to know that they’re making a difference – that with their chosen …

Opinion Andrew Watt 20 June 2013

Giving USA: more of the same

It’s more of the same for giving, which isn’t a bad thing. Giving USA 2013, which covers giving levels for 2012, was released today, and the results are what you’d probably expect:  a small increase …

Opinion Andrew Watt 11 January 2013

One conversation complete, many more to come

Yesterday we re-published Pablo Eisenberg’s 21 December column from the Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled ‘Nonprofits Should Focus on Gun Control-Not Donor Tax Breaks’. Andrew Watt’s 5 January blog post on the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ …

Opinion Andrew Watt 21 September 2012

Better than we thought?

Have you seen the new study from research firm Grey Matter about how Americans perceive charity overhead costs? Participants were asked what level of overhead costs should be considered ‘reasonable’ and then how much they …

Opinion 1 Andrew Watt 18 January 2012

Engaging older donors by providing options

One of the ideas we’ve discussed a lot recently is stewardship: the need to engage our donors on their terms. Donor retention levels are low because – in large part – we’re not practising good …