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philanthropy in china

China: The Overseas NGO Management Law returns, with a new strategy

2 Mark Sidel 22 April 2016

China’s National People’s Congress, through its Standing Committee, will take up the much-attacked and long-delayed bill to regulate foreign NGOs, foundations and foreign non-profits and bring them under the control of Chinese internal security agencies …

Qualifying a ‘people’s organization’ as a public benefit organization in China

Karla Simon 25 September 2014

As Chinese academics and the government seek to devise a system under the proposed ‘charity’ or public benefit law for adoption by the National People’s Congress in the coming years, the question of how ‘people’s …

My takeaways from the China Charity Forum

Bin Pei 19 August 2014

The China Charity Forum, entitled ‘Open a Philanthropy Era’, was convened in Beijing from 16 to 17 August with participants from across China and from other countries. The two–day forum consists of discussions and a …