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Now free to read – Interview – Theo Sowa

Alliance magazine 2 July 2014

From the September 2013 issue of Alliance magazine. ‘We all have power, different types of power. When we don’t acknowledge that power, it’s easier for others to step all over us.’ As both grantmaker and …

Donors and grantees: where do the boundaries lie?

Jenny Conrad 26 November 2013

The recent issue of Alliance looking at philanthropy and power raised some very interesting points about the relationship between charities and their funders. In his editorial on ‘The power of money’, Stephen Pittam mentioned that …

Alliance Breakfast Club 24 September 2013 – Power and Philanthropy

Tom Rennell 17 October 2013

Have foundations got too much power? Stephen Pittam, Sophie Pritchard, Sue Daniels and Andrew Barnett discussed questions arising from Alliance magazine’s September 2013 special feature on Philanthropy and Power at the September 2013 Alliance Breakfast …

Strategic philanthropy is all about power and control, says Pablo Eisenberg

2 Caroline Hartnell 10 September 2013

Over the summer there has been much debate on ‘strategic philanthropy’ and whether it’s a good thing, with the Hudson Institute’s Bill Schambra airing his doubts and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s former and …

Just published: Alliance September 2013 issue with special feature on ‘Philanthropy and power’

2 Alliance magazine 5 September 2013

‘It is difficult to keep your feet on the ground when working in a foundation because you are inevitably placed in a position of power,’ writes Stephen Pittam, former secretary of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable …