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Public services

Of fire trucks, Obama, Romney and philanthropy

Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 6 November 2012

‘I live in a rural community where the Tea Party dominates, no new taxes can be passed without a super majority, and government is cutting back on everything. The other day someone asked me how …

Why social enterprise?

1 Gillian Murray 24 October 2012

In the UK alone there are approximately 68,000 social enterprises contributing at least £24 billion to the economy. Last week we launched a guide for charities interested in social enterprise, in collaboration with SEUK. Increasingly, …

Government downsizing and direct registration of social organizations in China

Karla Simon 24 April 2012

In recent weeks websites and newspapers in China have heated up with news about coming developments regarding government downsizing, civil society, and the easing of restrictions on registration. For example, the influential news outlet Caixin …

Philanthropy as infrastructure?

1 Lucy Bernholz 26 October 2011

This is a bad idea. As a society, we should not encourage the replacement of public responsibilities by private philanthropy. Philanthropy is fickle, it’s too small and fragmented, and it’s under the control of a …