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social impact bonds

Peterborough social impact bond reduces reoffending but no payout yet for investors

Alliance magazine 8 August 2014

The UK’s first social impact bond has met initial targets for reducing reoffending among offenders released from Peterborough Prison, according to results published today by the Ministry of Justice. But the results show it has not yet …

Impact investment: does it do ‘what it says on the tin’?

Joe Ludlow 9 December 2013

Back in 1994, advertising execs in the UK were given what must have seemed like a career-ending brief: create a campaign for fence-protecting woodstain. The campaign that emerged not only transformed the fortunes of one …

Social Impact Bond to reduce reoffending in US launched

1 Alliance magazine 8 August 2012

  Social impact bonds (SIBs), widely touted as a possible answer to shrinking public purses and a way to secure non-government investment in the solution of a social problem, have claimed their US avatar in …

Gathering support for scheme that supplements public provision with private initiative

Alliance magazine 2 September 2011

The UK Minister for Civil Society has announced that four local authorities will run trial social impact bond schemes, offering contracts to charities and social enterprises to tackle what he calls ‘the pointless cycle of …

Government’s plan to test social impact bonds signals growing US interest from both public and non-profit sectors

Alliance magazine 17 February 2011

The US government is exploring the use of social impact bonds as a means of encouraging greater efficiency in the delivery of social services. The idea, which is currently being tested in a pilot to …

The Social Impact Bond or how to win-win-win

Alliance magazine 19 March 2010

The first issue of a new financial instrument to raise capital for the social sector was announced in the UK last Thursday. The Social Impact Bond (SiB) (See Alliance, March 2010), launched by Social Finance …